PV Community Garden

Cultivating Community


Ron Barnes, well-known throughout the Prescott non-profit community, had the idea of setting up community gardens in our quad-city area with an eye to feeding our area’s hungry kids. So in 2008 he helped to form Prescott’s YMCA Community Garden. Wanting to expand to Prescott Valley, he approached Brad Fain to see if The Fain Signature Group had an available plot. They generously offered the 2.5 acre lot at the corner of Florentine and Lake Valley Roads.

Thereafter, the Town of Prescott Valley approved a water allocation for the first couple of years. Donations from Ron and APS provided the money we needed to purchase drip irrigation materials. NACOG donated money for us to rent a construction fence, and that’s when the volunteers took over – clearing the land, leveling it, installing the drip system, and staking the plots.

An Executive Committee was formed and it was decided that half of our garden (56 4′ x 15′ plots) would be rented to area residents and the other half would truly be a garden for the community – with all the food harvested from it going back to those in need. In our first year of planting, we were able to donate 2,686 pounds of food to the Yavapai Food Bank. Thanks to installing a number of cattle panels which enabled us to grow food vertically, in 2012 we increased that number to 6,663 pounds. In 2013 we added 10 more community plots, which meant that 2/3rds of the food grown was donated. In 2015 we decided that all of our food donations would go to St. Vincent de Paul’s food pantry.

There are big changes coming to the garden in 2016, namely, a location change. We are relocating to Lake Valley Road just south of Lakeshore Drive. The move will result in a slightly shorter growing season, so we’ve decided to start with a smaller garden than we’ve had in the past. There will be only fifteen rental plots, but they will be larger. So if you’re thinking of renting this year, click on the Rent A Plot link on this site.